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Since 2013, LAITEK Romania has strived to build a place where brilliant, passionate people can meet, build their skills, and work together to change the shape of medical technology. We believe, at the end of the day, why settle for ordinary?

Meet the Team



Alina Todea

Migration Technical Services Manager

Florin Giurgiuman

Senior IT Manager

Ciprian Tegla

Deployment IT Manager

Alexandru Butnar

Product Engineering Manager

Marius Danciu, Ph.D

Director of Q.A.

Razvan Costea-Barlitiu

Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Anca Naiman, Ph.D.

Director of Knowledge Management

Zoltan Kovari

Senior Principle Engineer

Ioana Palcu

HR Manager

Yvonne Grec

Fellow Engineer

Dana Cuibus

Principal Engineer

Andra Pop

Office Manager

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Our company values make us unique and hold us accountable to one another

Stay Open to Change

Don't accept how it is when how it could be is an option.

The world of medical technology is a constantly evolving environment, proposing endless opportunities for growth and challenge.

Try Without Fear

Failing is the first step to succeeding.

Our community is dedicated to creating an environment where we focus more on how we recover from failure rather than dwelling on the missteps we’ve made in our pursuit of growth.

Act With Care

We care for those who care for others.

From the relationships we nurture, the products we develop, to the roles we play in handling patient data, Care is a foundational value that impacts everything we do.

Work Through Teamwork

No one can succeed when others are failing.

Success is no single-person effort. Each of us has an important role to play at LAITEK and our community is built on the belief that when teammates need help, they will be supported in a way that helps them reach their fullest potential.

Build A Community of Trust & Respect

Personal authenticity & honesty are fundamental to our success.

We recognize that trust and respect are not created in a vacuum. They are the products of open, transparent, and honest relationships

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