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An expansive collection of imaging solutions that take the struggle out of managing your data and workflows. Built from the same industry-leading technology we use to perform our patented MIGRATEK migrations, ATRIUM gives you unparalleled control of your data — once and for all.


Seamlessly route, store, convert, and import your data from a single source to truth to filter out irrelevant information, localize studies, even transform them out of proprietary formatting.




Route can manage any imaging file and it can connect to anything it needs to, not just storage devices, which makes Route one of the most system-friendly tools to move and filter medical data.


ATRIUM Route can:

  • Facilitate SR measurements into reports
  • Filter studies and transform data to improve system integration
  • Offer robust storage verification that ensures all objects are stored in targets


Future-proof your legacy data by storing it in a neutral location that costs far less than standard VNAs.

Every time a study falls out of clinical use and enters into legacy status, it has to be stored somewhere and most VNA charge for storage on a price-per-unit structure. The more legacy data a clinic builds up, it’ll cost.

Why pay enterprise prices for data you may never need to look at?


ATRIUM Keep can:

  • Be perfect for legacy data, non-clinical use data, and (importantly) data preserved for research and teaching.
  • Keep legacy and unmigrated data out of PACS/VNA, lowering costs
  • Offer immediate retirement of PACS/VNA without waiting for migration
  • Increase migration times in the future by prioritizing valuable data
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ATRIUM Convert

With Convert, system incompatibilities are no longer a challenge. Accept  any widely-known system, format, file, or viewer regardless of your current and your destination systems. 

With convert, you’ll have a worry-free integration that can qualify and convert data regardless of its type.


ATRIUM Convert can:

  • Convert SCO to BTO
  • Waveform to PDF
  • Manage tech notes and much more
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Are you planning to consolidate products, or improve information continuity to support more efficient workflow?  Ensure that data quality enables the full potential of your investment in new products. Let us help you build the ideal, True Neutral data system today.

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What our partners are saying?

What our partners are saying?

Laitek walked in the door knowing exactly what needed to be done and very confident migration was going to work as planned. We migrated 700,000 studies from an old system that contained a lot of “dirty” data to McKesson ahead of schedule and with NO lost images. It has always been my belief when something sounds too good to be true it is, working with Laitek was an exception.

Kiff Mendoza Systems Administrator, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

The entire process was easy from the beginning. Laitek alleviated the biggest fear in putting in a new PACS – the uncertainty you’ll have all the priors the physicians need. Our physicians don’t ask for priors. They were taken out of the legacy and are safe and accessible and we know they have what they need. You really couldn’t ask for more.

Judy Gronlund-Jacob Manager PACS and Tele radiology, University Radiology

Your team has been great to work with during this process. Angela has recommended your services to another project manager at Novant as well. Also, if you need a reference, please feel free to have them contact Angela and I. We will be more than happy to spread the good word.

Hu Smith IT Project Manager, Novant Health

When we migrated from GE Centricity 2.1 to McKesson HMI a couple of years ago, we utilized Laitek to migrate our data between the two systems. They went above and beyond to ensure a good migration experience. Due to multiple stability issues with our GE installation, they had to do the majority of the migration work in the evening and overnight, so as not to largely impact the performance any further for our end users. They did a GREAT job …. We had an extremely short timeframe to move from GE to McKesson. They were a joy to work with.

Michael Vaux PACS Administrator at UnityPoint Health
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