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Globally trusted with large-scale data management for over 20 years.

LAITEK’s team has written the book on PACS migration best practices, and it shows.

From privacy and compliance to the most comprehensive, down-to-the-detail data capturing, validation, categorization and enhancement; frictionless migration is our promise to you.

Our Proprietary PACS Migration Process – MIGRATEK


Step 1 – Inventory and Validate

Through a comprehensive CFIND process, we not only collect & validate your legacy system’s inventory, but we discover how it interacts with your current modalities, helping us find solutions before it even becomes a problem. This ensures no gaps will be unexpectedly discovered mid-project.


Our validation process then compares the EMR & patient information to your legacy system to highlight any inconsistencies or errors for future neutralization.

Step 2 – Connect and Replicate

Our MIGRATEK software then connects to your legacy system using one of the 60+ connectors we’ve developed in-house. Once the connection is established, MIGRATEK creates a replicate environment that mirrors your database to begin the PACS extraction.


Once connected to your environment, MIGRATEK permanently synchronizes itself using lightweight protocols. This ensures all migrated image data is using the latest information available, capturing changes in real-time — even after the initial inventories have been acquired.

Step 3 – Normalize DICOM Data and Store Nonconformities

No clinical system is a one-stop-shop. It’s a complex ecosystem of integrated devices, tools, and programs. Because of this, incompatibilities and inconsistencies in how data is shared are extremely common. Human error, communication breaks, even application bugs add to the challenge of moving data as quickly and smoothly as possible.


MIGRATEK has a built-in troubleshooting protocol that normalizes data by checking it against common DICOM errors. And if the data can’t be reconciled, it’s still not lost because we’ll store nonconformities into our ATRIUM archive server. No data left behind — ever.

Step 4 – DICOM Data Clean-up and Localization

Whether it’s because of outdated codes, procedure descriptions, or proprietary formatting, most systems handle and store data very differently. 

Whatever the case, LAITEK establishes a deep understanding of how your target system works to ensure a clean and well-organized migration without the headaches of messy localization of your data.

Step 5 – Migrate and Confirm

After reconciliation, validation, normalization, and localization, CSTORE creates a resoundingly organized and accurate database for patient study files and images in the target system.

Our unparalleled multi-phase confirmation not only ensures that each study has been successfully migrated, but that it also contains all of the normalized information that it should have.


At LAITEK, we believe in the power of simple. Managing medical data is difficult enough without adding the complexity of moving between systems. Lost data, long project times, confusing procedures — the list of challenges can feel endless. Luckily for you, there’s LAITEK.

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