The LAITEK Difference


While most migrations are performed at the DICOM application level, Laitek goes to the source. Laitek’s data migration server, installed at your facility and controlled remotely by our team members, employs “connectors”, software modules unique to each type of source PACS, that enable the migration server to directly access source PACS stored data. We also extract, convert and migrate annotation data that is not available through the legacy system’s DICOM interface.

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Ten Things You Should Know When Embarking On Data Migration


We can transfer data in excess of one terabyte per day. The direct access of our connectors bypasses legacy PACS application software to deliver the highest migration speeds possible, with minimal impact on performance of the legacy system still in service. This also ensures uninterrupted access to existing and new data, keeping your team connected to the information they need.


Our migration process provides an opportunity to “clean house”, incorporating data validation, categorization and enhancement to render the most accurate data possible. Your migration will identify and repair errors in your system, along with misidentified and bad data, so you can achieve a comprehensive transfer that includes information that would be lost in conventional migrations.


To last the life of the network, the organization and the patient, data needs to be preserved with specific considerations. We test and analyze your data down to the pixel level for 100% accuracy, then deposit it in the Semperdata® DICOM Archive, a secure, PACS neutral archive. The Semperdata® archive can be used as transitional storage during the migration project, as a repository for exception data, or as a permanent archive for all migrated data.

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As pioneers in rapid medical data migration and storage, Laitek recognizes two critical requirements:

  1. Healthcare facilities’ data migration must be efficient and seamless with no disruption to clinical workflow; and
  2. The data resulting from that migration must be accurate, complete, and usable in the workflow of the new system, as well as migratable into future systems.
    With Laitek handling your data migration, your PACS system transition becomes less about managing change and more about enjoying the benefits of an upgrade.

Our rapid migration solutions have cut months – even years – off projected data transfer timelines, and freed valuable time and resources for healthcare facilities to dedicate to providing the best healthcare available.