Case Study #190 University Radiology Jersey Shore

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  • Date Published Nov 15, 2018
  • Written by LAITEK
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Case Study#190 University Radiology Jersey Shore



Medical Imaging Center


Forked River, NJ

Legacy PACS


Target PACS

Semperdata Atrium Archive


147,400 studies

Looking coastal, University Radiology merged Jersey Shore Radiology (Neptune, NJ) in 2014, and Laitek was engaged to extract the past three years of data from the GE IW PACS and transfer it to the central Fuji archive for immediate access. To enhance workflow and further control costs, older historical data was migrated to Laitek’s innovative SDA archive for pre-fetching as needed and then permanently transferred to the Fuji Synapse PACS via CMOVE.

Key Challenges:

  • Designing a secure and cost-effective plan for maintenance of an extensive historical image library, while providing timely, efficient access to these images at the PACS as needed
  • Decommissioning the GE IW PACS and migrating a 570,944 net study inventory: 269,835 current exams were moved to the Fuji Synapse PACS for on-demand access; 301,109 historical exams were sent to the Laitek SDA archive for efficient pre-fetching as needed
  • Resolving numerous accession number conflicts
  • Maintaining ongoing PACS functionality throughout the migration on an extremely unstable legacy system with limited vendor support

Migratek technology streamlined complex image migration, while Laitek’s SDA archive cut storage costs and continued to support highly efficient workflow. The project was accomplished with a 98.56% success rate at the Fuji archive and 99.66% success at the SDA archive. Migration to the Fuji system was completed in six months and SDA transfer of historical studies within one year. Facility workflow proceeded seamlessly throughout.

Customer Comment:
“You become a team when you do several in a row. Laitek is very easy to work with allowing us to avoid arduous meetings. They send migration reports daily so we see the progress and we know Laitek is going to work.” – Judy Gronlund-Jacob, Manager PACS and Teleradiology, University Radiology