MIGRATEK Hybrid Migration

Lower the cost of moving, managing and storing medical imaging data while improving control over and access to this critical diagnostic information.

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Our MIGRATEK Hybrid Migration Service is a variation of our Advanced Migration Service that:

    • Lowers the cost of migrating and storing medical imaging data

    • Improves control over and access to critical diagnostic data.

    • Extends the life of existing storage investments

As clinical data ages it may become less clinically relevant but still has value for AI algorithm development and research.

Our Hybrid Migration Service moves older data to the LAITEK ATRIUM Keep low-cost clinical archive that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Newer, clinically relevant data, is normalized, cleaned and migrated per the MIGRATEK Advanced Migration process.

Take Control Of Cost

Reduce migration and storage costs for non-clinically relevant data.

Take Control Of Time

Shorten migration timelines and speed system deployments.

Take Control Of Access

Improve medical imaging data access and availability.

Globally trusted with large-scale data management for over 20 years.

LAITEK’s team has written the book on PACS migration best practices, and it shows.

From privacy and compliance to the most comprehensive, down-to-the-detail data capturing, validation, categorization and enhancement; frictionless migration is our promise to you.

Step 1 – Inventory and Validate

Through a comprehensive CFIND process, we not only collect & validate your legacy system’s inventory, but we discover how it interacts with your current modalities, helping us find solutions before it even becomes a problem. This ensures no gaps will be unexpectedly discovered mid-project.


Our validation process then compares the EMR & patient information to your legacy system to highlight any inconsistencies or errors for future neutralization.

Step 2 – Connect and Replicate

Our MIGRATEK software then connects to your legacy system using one of the 60+ connectors we’ve developed in-house. Once the connection is established, MIGRATEK creates a replicate environment that mirrors your database to begin the PACS extraction.


Once your database tables are replicated, MIGRATEK releases its connection, allowing your system to run at full clinical speeds while we migrate. Routine synchronization throughout the life of your project allows LAITEK to update its operating environment to the latest data in your site’s systems.



Step 3 – Normalize DICOM Data and Store Nonconformities

No clinical system exists in a vacuum. It’s a complex ecosystem of integrated devices, tools, and programs. With so many pieces making up the structure of your site’s workflows, incompatibilities and inconsistencies in how data is stored are extremely common.

In order to neutralize your data and clean it of all the compatibility issues, human errors, and application bugs that have built up during the data’s lifecycle, LAITEK passes your data through a signature DICOM reconciliation process. We’ll check each study for common DICOM errors, correcting and updating them to the latest DICOM compliance to protect your data’s integrity. This process not only cleans and prepares your data to be migrated, it also parses out studies that can’t be reconciled, easily storing them in our ATRIUM Keep archive until it can be resolved. No data left behind — ever.

Step 4 – DICOM Data Clean-up and Localization

It is extremely rare for two systems to have 1:1 matching environments. Whether it’s because of outdated codes, procedure descriptions, or proprietary formatting, virtually all systems handle and store data very differently. Even when migrating between the same manufacturer, localization of old data is necessary to guarantee it can settle into the new system correctly.

Whatever the structure, LAITEK will work with you and your target system to ensure the data is localized to your specific needs. Proactively localizing your data means you get to skip the usual post go-live data cleaning process most migrations demand. From day one, you’ll be able to find your data when you need it, where you need it, and exactly how it should be — every time.

Step 5 – Migrate and Confirm

Once the data is reconciled and localized, LAITEK securely passes the study into your target, already tailored to your needs and the system’s requirements. The data passes through your target system’s application logic to naturally store in the DBMS and Image Storage according to the target’s rules — just as if you’d stored the image yourself.

To guarantee the data’s quality, LAITEK runs your target system’s new data through a multi-phase validation to ensure that each study is not only transferred successfully but that it was moved with all of its contents intact.

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At LAITEK, we believe in the power of simple. Managing medical data is difficult enough without adding the complexity of moving between systems. Lost data, long project times, confusing procedures — the list of challenges can feel endless. Luckily for you, there’s LAITEK.

Up to 5x Faster

Than all other providers

6 tb

migration speed

150 k

studies reconciled daily

100 %

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