Case Study #116 Teaneck Radiology Center & University Radiology

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  • Date Published Nov 15, 2018
  • Written by LAITEK
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Case Study#116 Teaneck Radiology Center & University Radiology


Medical Imaging Center


Forked River, NJ

Legacy PACS


Target PACS

Semperdata Atrium Archive


147,400 studies

Following an initial agreement to lease University Radiology digital storage space, Teaneck Radiology was subsequently acquired by University Radiology in 2012. Given that, the initial Laitek migration project expanded beyond a data transfer from Teaneck’s legacy Viztek PACS to include the large volume of studies stored in its additional Intelerad solution. Adding to the challenge, Teaneck’s prior unsuccessful attempt to merge its two PACS storage platforms had resulted in a host of data conflicts that Laitek successfully overcame.

Key Challenges:

  • Decommissioning the legacy Viztek PACS and migrating 38,409 studies to the Fuji archive
  • Decommissioning the Intelerad PACS and moving 79,669 studies to the Fuji storage
  • Reconciling multiple medical record numbers and resolving data conflicts resulting from the failed storage platform consolidation
  • Converting proprietary data elements and private annotations to neutral DICOM-compliant formatting
  • Maintaining ongoing PACS functionality throughout the migration on extremely unstable legacy systems with limited vendor support

Laitek’s advanced Migratek technology easily addressed many of these issues as it had in the flagship University Radiology migration. Additionally, data cleansing resolved inconsistencies in coding, RIS/PACS integration, ADT records and more, while DICOM tag coercion created consistency between data from the disparate PACS solutions. The project met with a 98.38% transfer success rate for Viztek data and 96.97 for Intelerad studies-all verified in the Fuji archive following migration. Prefetching of relevant priors from the appropriate archive helped maintain seamless workflow as the project progressed over a 23-month timeframe.