Semperdata Atrium

Preserve remaining unmigrated data from migration projects. Retire legacy systems now by getting data out before the new PACS and VNA systems are ready. Or, use one of Laitek’s Source Connectors to simply adopt the legacy data without a migration.

Transform for Target

By performing so many data migration projects into most every image management system in the market, Laitek has learned the unique requirements of each one. Semperdata Atrium transforms the data and interacts with the target systems according to their unique characteristics.

Verify in Target

A positive storage acknowledgement is not always enough. Some systems use asynchronous processes to move the data from one stage to the next before the data is finally archived. Semperdata Atrium performs robust verification steps to check that all data has been fully archived, and redoes storage operations when necessary.

Zero-footprint Web Client

Semperdata Atrium’s web client allows technicians and assistants to find and localize studies without installing client software on their desktops. User access is controlled through Active Directory and partitioned by the original data sources.

Localize the Patient and Study Metadata

Use Semperdata Atrium’s web client to match patient demographics to the current modality worklist. Merge studies with variations of a patient’s demographics, and split studies that should not share common UIDs and attributes. Perform fuzzy patient searches for demographics like the patient’s local attributes. Generate a new unique accession number, add a prefix, or add a suffix to the original accession number. Perform fuzzy study description matching to find the local description for this study. Persist the match so future studies with the same description are automatically transformed.

Preserve Unmigrated Data

Bulk data migration projects extract, transform, clean, and store millions of studies into a new image management system. Inevitably, thousands of studies will lack reliably patient demographics or study information requiring extraordinary efforts to clean. Save time now by using use Semperdata Atrium to preserve the unmigrated data until it is needed. Use the zero-footprint web client to find and clean the relevant prior studies in Semperdata Atrium as new studies are scheduled and performed.

Normalize to the DICOM Standard

Laitek’s extensive experience with data migrations has shown that different DICOM data management systems enforce different aspects of the DICOM standard. Because system interoperability is so important now and, in the future, normalizing the data to the standard will maximize interoperability and minimize future data sharing challenges. Semperdata Atrium normalizes the DICOM data to the strict rules of the DICOM standard and industry best practices as it stores the selected studies into the primary management systems.

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