Case Study #22: UnityPoint Health (Formerly Iowa Health System)

Case Study #22: UnityPoint Health (Formerly Iowa Health System)

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  • Date Published Nov 15, 2018
  • Written by LAITEK
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Case Study #22: UnityPoint Health (Formerly Iowa Health System)



Medical Imaging Center


Forked River, NJ

Legacy PACS


Target PACS

Semperdata Atrium Archive


147,400 studies

The Challenges:

It was paramount to Iowa Health System that Laitek provided visibility to the migration process, management of technology resources and an ability to adjust migration performance at a moment’s notice without compromising the Health System’s advanced network. This necessitated the flexibility to take the lead when needed or follow finite instructions from the Iowa Health System and PACS vendor teams.


  • 70+ Terabytes of data
  • 3.2+ Million Studies
  • Nearly 200,000,000 Images
  • Peak Transfer Rate of 80,000 Studies per day
  • Sustained transfer rates in excess of 1.5 Terabytes per day
  • Separated pooled legacy data into seven facility contexts in the new PACS
  • Identified and cleaned errors, including misidentified and bad data
  • Translated and collapsed 13,000 procedure codes to 3,000 specified by customer
  • Achieved a comprehensive transfer that included information missing at the application level
  • Provided uninterrupted access to existing and new data
  • Tested and analyzed image data at a pixel level for 100 percent accuracy
  • Provided a queryable repository for legacy images the customer elected not to migrate

Customer Comment:

When we migrated from GE Centricity 2.1 to McKesson HMI a couple of years ago, we utilized Laitek to migrate our data between the two systems. They went above and beyond to ensure a good migration experience. Due to multiple stability issues with our GE installation, they had to do the majority of the migration work in the evening and overnight, so as not to largely impact the performance any further for our end users. They did a GREAT job u2026. We had an extremely short timeframe to move from GE to McKesson. They were a joy to work with.”

-Michael Vaux, PACS Administrator at UnityPoint Health, formerly Iowa Health System