Semperdata Study Importer

Zero-footprint solution for importing studies and localizing before storing into primary PACS. Converts Hologic’s proprietary secondary capture objects into breast tomosynthesis objects.


DICOM Storage Server

Semperdata serves as a DICOM storage provider to receive external studies.  Configure external PACS and cloud relays to automatically forward studies to Semperdata.

Convert Legacy Hologic Secondary Capture Objects

Add Laitek’s Hologic SCO-to-BTO converter to accept Hologic’s legacy secondary capture format and convert it into DICOM standard breast tomosynthesis format before sending to the target system.


Encapsulate Word and PDF Documents

Word and PDF documents, such as radiology reports, can be encapsulated in DICOM objects and stored into the target system with their associated studies.


Keep Foreign Data out of Local Systems

Mixing foreign patient IDs, demographics, accession numbers, study descriptions, etc. with local data is risky.  Patient data could be accidentally mixed, or it may not be findable when needed. If the data is shared with other systems in the future, the original source data could still be present in the DICOM objects and could be misinterpreted by downstream systems.  Use Semperdata Study Importer to stage external studies and localize the data prior to sending the objects to target PACS and VNAs.

Zero-footprint Web Client

Use Semperdata’s web client to import studies from files, CDs, PACS, VNAs, and cloud relays without installing client software on the desktop. This enables any medical assistant with a CD drive to upload a patient’s prior studies so radiology technicians can later localize the data before storing into the primary PACS or VNA. Technicians can also use the web client to search for a patient’s relevant studies in external PACS, VNAs, and relays. The built-in image viewer helps verify that the proper studies have been found.

Generate Order Messages

If a target system must receive an order message before it accepts a new study, Semperdata will generate the required HL7 message prior to storing the images.

Launch External Viewer

Semperdata can be configured to launch an external web-based image viewer for a better clinical view of the data.


Localize the Patient and Study Metadata

Use Semperdata Study Importer’s web client to match patient demographics to the current modality worklist.  Merge studies with variations of a patient’s demographics, and split studies that should not share common UIDs and attributes.  Perform fuzzy patient searches for demographics like the patient’s local attributes. Generate a new unique accession number, add a prefix, or add a suffix to the original accession number.  Perform fuzzy study description matching to find the local description for this study. Persist the match so future studies with the same description are automatically transformed.


Normalize to the DICOM Standard

Laitek’s extensive experience with data migrations has shown that different DICOM data management systems enforce different aspects of the DICOM standard.  Because system interoperability is so important now and, in the future, normalizing the data to the standard will maximize interoperability and minimize future data sharing challenges. Semperdata Study Importer normalizes the DICOM data to the strict rules of the DICOM standard and industry best practices as it stores the selected studies into the target systems.


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