Semperdata availability on legacy systems

Legacy System

Semperdata® Availability


DICOM (File Tree)  Now  Configurable
Agfa Heartlab Cardiology  Now  
Agfa IMPAX  Now  
Amicas PACS  Now  
Aspyra Medview  Now  
Carestream  Now  
Cerner ProVision  Now  
Computer Programs and Systems Inc. (CPSI)  Now  
DR Systems  Now  
eRad PACS  Now  
Fuji Cardiovascular Synapse (Prosolv)  Now  
Fuji Synapse Now  
GE Centricity 2.x  Now  
GE Centricity 3.x  Now  
GE Centricity 3.7 (PACS-IW)  Now  
GE Centricity 4.x  Now  
GE Enterprise Archive 3.x  Now  
GE Enterprise Archive 4.x  Now  
GE Gemnet Cardiology  Now  
GE Imagecast (Stentor)  Now  
Kodak Archive Manager (Cemax-Icon)  On Request  
McKesson HMI v4.x and earlier / Camtronics Vericis  Now  
McKesson HMI (post v4.x-12.x)  Now  
Merge eMed  Now  
NovaRad PACS  Now  
OpenMed PACS  Now  
Philips EasyAccess (Sectra)  Now  
Philips Inturis Cardiology  Now  
Philips (Witt)  Now  
Philips Xcelera  Now  
Philips Xcelera – DSR Ultrasound  Now  
Sectra PACS  Now  
Siemens SIENET (MagicStore)  Now  
Siemens syngo Dynamics (KinetDx)  Now  
Siemens syngo Imaging  Now  

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